November 20, 2006

Funny things you find on the web

After hearing a story about a man dying while having sex with an animal in the north east I watched as a friend proceeded to look it up on the internet.  Using the keywords "man sex goat dies" in Google news produced a result funnier that what we could have expected.

The only item returned had the following picture  from


This was very humorous because no one thinks Al Frankin has sexual relations with goats.  Never the less, it seems this search has been censored.  I find this almost as disturbing as the thought of someone having an inappropriate relationship with a farm animal.  When you take it into context with the fact you can search almost any libelous or hateful statement in Google and within the top ten you can bet you will find President Bush’s name.  For grins I hoped over to Google and searched for "failure" #2 on the list

It is a sad comment on society but I was once told something that stuck with me and I think applies to this situation.  If you aren’t willing to think for yourself there are plenty of people out there willing to think for you.  It only makes sense to me that Hollywood types have a vested interest in you not thinking for yourself which is why they are so willing to do some thinking for you.  Don’t drink the koolaid and learn to do some critical thinking its more than coincidental that this was censored and other more egregious items are not.  It has little to do with coincidence and more to do with someone else’s agenda and things they think you should see, and nothing they think you shouldn’t see.


October 19, 2005

Attacks on the Church

Today I read yet another article referring to the separation of church and state clause.  The case was one of creationism and the idea the world and everything in it was created by an unknown intelligence.  Someone argued that teaching creationism violated the separation of church and state law.  After reading this I got infuriated that someone was so arrogant that they would make creationism a religion and then because they would say there is a law separating church and state.  Both of which are not just questionable in nature but outright wrong.

  Bill of Rights – Amendment I
 Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  When people look at the US and state one of the reasons we broke free from England was “Freedom of Religion” this is the part of the Bill of rights they are talking about.  Today however I read yet another article referring to the separation of church and state clause.  The case was one of creationism and the idea the world and everything in it was created by an unknown intelligence.  Someone argued that teaching creationism violated the separation of church and state law.  After reading this I got infuriated that someone was so arrogant that they would make creationism a religion and then because they would say there is a law separating church and state.  Both of which are not just questionable in nature but outright wrong.

  The bill of rights clearly states that congress will make no law respecting an establishment of religion.  If you read this it is very clear that congress will not make a law establishing a national religion.  The rest of it is clear to the point of free speech in how it pertains to an open society.  So why is it church leaders are not allowed to talk about politics without fear of loosing their tax-exempt status.  This law clearly violates the idea of abridging their freedom of speech.

  If you look at the decline of America you will see a common thread and not being a bible thumper myself I would not have believed it until just recently.  The only common thread in what has happened over the past 50 years has been an attack on religion in the US.  I don’t use the term attack lightly.

  Just the use of the term separation of church and state is an attack on religion.  By using the term they have slowly put a stigma on any religious involvement in government.  The US is such an open society limiting involvement in government limits involvement in society.  Slowly the use of this term has come to mean no religion in government at all.  Just look at how president Bush has been attacked by the media for his invocation of his religious beliefs.  The attacks only slowed when it became very apparent that Americans where not going to take personal attacks on someone’s personal faith.

  Another case where someone abused the idea of separation of church and state was the 9th circuit courts ruling of the words under god in the pledge of allegiance was unconstitutional.  The originator of the lawsuit, in my opinion a true scumbag, did not take into account that his atheistic views are considered a religion and by stripping all religious symbolism from government he is in effect establishing and national religion, atheism.  Why the courts did not see this is another mater entirely.

  This brings me to the crux of the problem.  Who are those that are attacking religion?  The truth is I don’t know, not yet.  So far it appears that the majority of the supporters of this type of thinking all have liberal views.  Not all those with liberal views though feel the same way about religion as these people.  So in the end there is no label for this type of thinking except that it is dangerous and very wide spread.

  Why is it so dangerous?  If our founding fathers had the mindset to put religion as their first thought towards the protections found in the bill of rights it must be important.  For people to say this country was not found on religious views and religion should have no part in government pushes us as a society to pick as leaders people who are not in the same spirit as those who founded this country.  This means we pick people who are for the most part in opposition of the very things this country was founded on.

  The way to fix this is to become involved in your church and not be afraid to talk to people.  This is very hard for me as I can see the solution and I know I’m part of the problem but I can find all kinds of excuses as to why I shouldn’t be a part of my local church.  What a paradoxical issue it is for me and I would assume others.  From here out I will make a special effort to go to church not for the sake of my soul but for the sake of this country.  If our fore fathers saw such an importance in religion then maybe I should invest more time in it.  In the end I think if more people found religion there would be far fewer problems in this country and maybe we can get rid of the stigmas associated with its involvement in politics.

October 8, 2005

Looks like the terrorists are comming out of hidding.

It’s been busy this week but not so busy as to miss out on what the press considers less than news worthy. What happened, we had islamic terrorists attack in London and our American press is content to leave it at that. Where is the outrage against those who call them selves followers of islam who can kill and mame in the name of their god. All The news wants to talk about is guantanamo and the attrocities there! Whatever, I’ve seen worse among friends! I for one am quick to denounce those who do horrific things in the name of my god. Morons blowing up abortion clinics and killing doctors who perform abortions. Why are muslisms so timid to cry out when such things are done in the name of theirs. Is this something that truely is embeded in the religion of islam or are the practicers such passifists as to allow these people to hijack their religion to perform the hanous acts.

No matter what the reasoning is the facts as they emerge is something that has me fearing for the lives of muslims. There is only so long we can go on with this war on terror when while it may be true that a small percentage of muslims are causing these attrocities 100% of the terrorists acts have been taken out by people who practice islam. This is my plea for muslims all over the world to take back your religion don’t allow the perverse to carry out these acts in the name of your god.

Strugle for power in the courts

Why do the dems have their panties in a wad over these judicial nominations. I see the supposed leadership of this party acting like children, willing to do anything to get their way.

Even if this means the majority does not get their way. Tyrany of the minority I thought was some sort of right wing nut job scare tactic. I can actually see it now with how the dems are fighting about the president’s nominations before he has even opened his mouth on the subject. I am forced to ask myself, Why? The simple explanation is they need people to read the laws the way they want them to be read. This to me is proof of the hunger for power in the democratic party. After all who else but a constructionist judge would take away your constitutional rights.

Are our elected officials combating the tyrany of the bench?

I was amazed this morning to discover that many of our elected state officials are scammering to plug the Eminent domain hole. Lets hope this is the begining of the wakeup. Sooner or later people are going to realize the real enemy is the one who tells you everything you want to hear and appeals to your emotions rather than your own good judgement.

Individual property rights are being taken at last!

It has been a while comming but the advocates of big government and socialism are finally one step closer to the elitest control they have been seeking. The supreme court rulled in favor of Eminent domain being used to take away land from individuals for use by other private indivuduals.

No longer is Eminent domain soley for things that truely serve the public like roads, firestations, public parks now it can be used to justify things like sports stadiums, malls, theaters, office buildings, and hotels. What happened to this country, I think we allowed to many constructionist judges to be apointed because we listened to democratic leaders who constantly told us republicans were money hungry politicians and the democrates stood for the common man. Judging by the actions and standings of the so called left. This is the farthest thing from the truth. In fact I would argue that the reason pepole like George Soros, Micheal Moore, and the like are pushing the big government agenda is that it cuts the common man off from the process. Doing this we no longer have a voice when it comes to things like the abuse of power by corrupt officials in office. We attack the people doing the right thing and show a passavist attitude to those who are tearing this country in two. There are two Americas, the America were people understand what is right and wrong and the America who understands only what their favorite soap box tells them is right and wrong.

Fortunalty for Eminent domain it looks like much of the US woke up on this one and they are taking measures to shore up the exctents to which Eminent domain can be taken. I can only hope that one day there will be a roar heard around the world. This bang would involve millions of americans all simultanously realizing where their heads have been and pulling them out and taking action.