August 5, 2008

iPone activation issue

This morning I awoke to the shinny new 2.0.1 update. Without a second though I installed it only to be left with a bricked iPhone. I could not complete the activation process and kept getting an error: “The iPhone cannot be used with iTunes because the information required for activation could not be obtained from the phone”.  Looked on Google and found a few unresolved issues then I decided to try the *#307* trick and was prompted to enable the radio. This was the fix for me as I post this from the word press app on a 2.0.1 iPhone. Hopefully this will help someone else when googling for help with the issue.<br><br>

The steps would be make emergency call enter *#3078 call enabled the radio and done.  You might try just entering 0 and calling I did not get a chance to try other combinations to see if it would even try to enable the radio.

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