December 14, 2007

iPhone VNC

Today I had a bit of time to mess around with the for the iPhone. I had used it previously and was pretty disapointed with the way it just crashed after opening it. It has aged well, with the newest version supporting scaling and all sorts of interactive goodness. The ui is much more responsive than anything I ever used on my e805 which used a similarly clocked chip and had a 640×480 screen.

The things I love about the newest version are:

  • two finger scaling of the screen.
  • click modifiers at the bottom bar
  • auto screen size adjustments when rotating the screen
  • the idea of the more button for sending that ctrl-alt-del

The things that still need to be fixed:

  • link against the fixed working DNS libs please, dns doesn’t work
  • better layout of extra keys, were are the arrows
  • keyboard in landscape view
  • did I mention DNS

Those last few problems seem like they can be fixed rather easily now that stability issues have been addressed. The next little utility I’m really looking for is RDC for the iPhone. This along with the great mobile term package will mean I can remote admin all of my machines from my iPhone.

Here are a few action shots of the latest It can be found in or



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