December 10, 2007

One of those little tidbits it’s good to know

Today I finally got around to trying to get the virtual machine back up and online in preparation for doing some work in the newly released VS 2k8. I had avoided messing with it because after a kernel update in Ubuntu (the host os) I had not been able to get networking up and was to busy to bother with it. Today I decided it had been long enough and it was time to tackle the problem. I popped up RDC went to log in only to be prompted with the press control alt delete to login. The console for the virtual machine uses remote desktop protocol to connect to the vm and rdc doesn’t provide a means for sending the three fingered salute.

I searched around the internet and was able to find the following nugget that worked beautifully and I would have never guessed it. Instead of trying ctrl-alt-del press ctrl-alt-end. I was finally able to get in without shutting the machine down. Turned out the updates I did after the Ubuntu kernel update to the virtual machine changed the network interface type. Entering the ips for the machine on the new virtual nic in windows and everything was back up and running.

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