September 6, 2007

Newest iPhone hacks

Well you no longer have to know what a command prompt even is to get many of the newest iPhone hacks onto your phone. When I initially saw the I thought to myself, now that we are at a point where people can just drag and drop apps onto the iPhone who needs a dedicated app taking up screen real estate to install applications on the iPhone.

I was so wrong about the direction these guys were going. Now that summer board is here to give iPhone users a scrollable dash its no waste of an icon slot and what it offers is well worth the install.

First hit this site up and get the AppTap Installer. There is a version for Mac OS and a version for Windows. Both will get you were you need to be. Take special care of what version of iTunes you are running as this can cause some heart ache.

Once you have downloaded this app you can install it and just follow the instructions.

When the installation is complete look for this icon on your phone.


Click it and you should now see an interface similar to the following.


Once open the application will contact the repositories that are configured and if you have installed applications using it you will be prompted for updates if they exist. If they don’t you will see the default install tab where you can install Applications from. The first thing you should install would be the Community Sources as they will expand the number of programs you can install on the iphone.


Once this is installed you should figure out what dash you might like to use. I like the summer board because it just gives you the scroll effect and it seems to work perfectly. YMMV and there are a few eye candy choices you can find in If you find you want to free up space on the device for apps you no longer wish to use. The uninstall tab is where you go to remove items. Everything is pretty straight forward from there find the item you want to remove tap it to read about it and click uninstall if it is what you want to remove.

The final tab sources will show you what repos you have installed. This allows you to know where you might be downloading these apps from. Something to keep in mind with the way things are, there is nothing that prevents any of these repositories from installing bad stuff on your iPhone. Not that it is a real threat at this point but it could become one in the future so it is important to understand the potential risk involved. That being said the rewards so far are pretty fantastic auto update support and the ability to install apps over the edge network while away from your desktop is pretty sweet.


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