July 28, 2007

More DFW bad drivers

Its been a while since I have published any of the morons I come across daily while on my morning commute. From the impatiently aggressive to the downright dangerous daredevils each morning is an adventure that has me counting my blessing when I arrive safely at either end.

This was some looney toon whose sense of entitlement brought him to the conclusion a Cadillac rules the road and should have no trouble coming from behind me and fitting in the small gab between the red truck now ahead and my car forcing me to slam on the breaks. Narrowly avoiding being hit from the side only to have him jump back into the right lane yards ahead as the left lane was closed for construction. His final position was right behind the red truck where he started.

This brain drain spent his time weaving in and out of traffic making for a dizzying time keeping up with where he would pop up next. Top that off with the lack of a helmet and this guy is just asking for trouble.

And on motorcycle number two we have another mental patient with only slightly more sense than the previous in his choice of head protection. However, this only seemed to increase his own belief in his immortality as he sped around as if he was in a parking lot. I caught him in my rear view only to have him pull up next to me like some ham awaiting his picture to be taken.

This guy was a real jerk bordering on using his vehicle as a weapon he forced people out of the way by being very aggressive in his driving. Obviously a new car it made me wonder how this maniac would be driving if he was in some beater or if the fact it was a new car somehow made him feel entitled to the road regardless of who else was on it.

This one was a real prize managing speeds of 80mph in 30mph traffic as he wizzed around. As he flew by me I noticed it was a kid of maybe 17 driving. His parents must be proud, I hope he doesn’t end up with involuntary manslaughter charges for driving around like a moron just because he has a fast car.

This ends my list of DFW dumb-asses who wear this badge with such pride they even show it off in their driving. Lords knows there were countless others I just wasn’t quite quick enough to get photos of or where the traffic was heavy enough I didn’t feel safe doing so. It’s crazy how many motorcycle morons there are. I’m guessing gas prices have something to do with this recent trend even though the ratio of moron motorcyclists far outweighs any other driver on the road I do find it interesting the increase in motorcyclists on the road. the one I really wish I had been able to catch was a rig driving down the road with the trailer brakes on. This made for a fantastic smoke screen behind the vehicle and glowing red wheels on the trailer. Oh well, maybe next time.

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