May 18, 2007

iPhone Receives FCC Approval

Well it looks like the iPhone received FCC approval under model A1203 with an FCC id of BCGA1203. Apple request confidentiality for the specifics so it looks like we won’t be able to gather any of the phones features from the user manual or device photo’s but the availability of the phone in June now comes down to the manufacturing process and not the FCC.

Here are the 4 FCC Detail Links

Details for 824.2-848.8
Details for 1850.2-1909.8
Details for 2402.0-2480.0
Details for 2412.0-2462.0

It looks like from the details it will be July 1st before we can see the actual user manual online, here is to hopping we are holding the device in our hands before that date comes.

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