May 17, 2007

New Server

The new machine blows my old setup out of the water. The dual cores is noticeable when transferring large files around and working on configuring the os. It doesn’t skip a beat those 64bit CPUs just keep on churning out the goodness. It took my 9 minutes and 46 seconds to move over all 12 Gigabytes of the Virtual Servers and now I’m waiting on updates to the underlying full fedora install before I will be able to compile VirtualBox.

Later I will use the handy yum remove command to handle all the deps when removing all those packages but I thought they might be handy during the install. I”m going to try and get as much done tonight as things have come up that might preclude me from finishing this as quickly as I would like to.

I’m also looking for cheap win 2k3 os that will allow installation of SQL server 2k5 developer edition. If anyone has any sources of that hit me up via the comments. Right now I will continue to use my win xp pro install as it’s the only license I have that has iis but I would like to be able to handle multiple virtual domains in the future without any weird restrictions on what I can have installed on the box.

Here are the results of the two VMs starting up in their new home. Something tells me I missed something somewhere.

Picture 3.pngPicture 2.png

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