May 15, 2007

The Move From Mambo

Well I had a few minutes of spare time tonight so I thought I would look at the logistics of moving from Mambo to WordPress. So far so good, I found a script written to import from Mambo to an older version of WordPress. It didn’t work so i decided having a base point to start from would be easier than writing a new one from scratch. I fired up BBedit and went to town it wasn’t long before I discovered something that would have shown up had I turned errors on in php. there was a missing file reference. A little more digging showed the culprit being functions-formatting.php which in the new versions of WordPress appears to be calling formatting.php. One little change and an import later and it looks like the only missing items are media which I wasn’t expecting to come over anyway. The name of the script was Mambo2WordPress.

This means at least this part of the project in moving to the new server will be a little less painful than anticipated. Here is for everything else going smooth from here out.

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