February 25, 2007

Fun Stuff On ITMS (iTunes Music Store)

Today I went to ITMS for my weekly share of Apple freebies for the iPod, don’t want the RIAA or MPAA coming after me when I can get quality content legaly for free from Apple right.  In any event I thought I would post something I thought wa amazing and that is the freebie they have called vortex.  It is just a demo but am I the only one who remembers this games first incarnation sans all the pretty graphics in a stand up arcade unit.  Now it fits in my hand and has fulls tereo sound.  Wow, anyway enough of my amazement here is the link, get it while it hot.

This has come and gone, the latest was Ms Pacman. Single level and more of a novelty than anything. The vortex one made the best use of the scroll wheel however.

Comment by pauldy — May 17, 2007 @ 9:45 pm

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