November 20, 2006

Funny things you find on the web

After hearing a story about a man dying while having sex with an animal in the north east I watched as a friend proceeded to look it up on the internet.  Using the keywords "man sex goat dies" in Google news produced a result funnier that what we could have expected.

The only item returned had the following picture  from


This was very humorous because no one thinks Al Frankin has sexual relations with goats.  Never the less, it seems this search has been censored.  I find this almost as disturbing as the thought of someone having an inappropriate relationship with a farm animal.  When you take it into context with the fact you can search almost any libelous or hateful statement in Google and within the top ten you can bet you will find President Bush’s name.  For grins I hoped over to Google and searched for "failure" #2 on the list

It is a sad comment on society but I was once told something that stuck with me and I think applies to this situation.  If you aren’t willing to think for yourself there are plenty of people out there willing to think for you.  It only makes sense to me that Hollywood types have a vested interest in you not thinking for yourself which is why they are so willing to do some thinking for you.  Don’t drink the koolaid and learn to do some critical thinking its more than coincidental that this was censored and other more egregious items are not.  It has little to do with coincidence and more to do with someone else’s agenda and things they think you should see, and nothing they think you shouldn’t see.


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