February 2, 2006

x86 Macs?

Ever since the first time I saw the Rhapsody DR1 x86 image it seems Mac owners everywhere have been claiming Apple will never allow their software to run on intel chips.  Never say never cause this year it happened and I’m guessing only Apple developers know for how long it has been happening behind closed doors.  I’ve been in need of  acomputer upgrade for a while now but I’ve been holding out for something I just had to have.  Well at the begining of this year I started looking hard at various machines from Dell that met my requirements of balancing expense power and features.  The new 20" iMac Intel Duo Core made my day.   My system will come with a 2Ghz Duo core chip 2GB RAM 250GB SATA HD, DVD DLRW, 256MMB Video, Bluetooth,  and a built in iSight Cammera all for less that the 19"monitor and system I configured with Dell at 1GB of RAM.

So far I’m stoked and can’t wait until the unit arrives.  I checked the Apple website daily to see if the unit shipped.  When the status did change to shipped at 2/1/05 6:44am the fedex site said (notice the PM)

Feb 1, 2006   5:45 PM Package data transmitted to FedEx  

After seeing this I was confused as to how something could ship like this but caca pasa.  Well here it is 2/2/05 10:30pm the ship date on FedEX site now says 2/2 but the Activity still shows 2/1 Package data transmited  to FedEx.  Go figure there has to be something up here.  there are two options here that Apple has never really shipped the unit at all or FedEx really needs to work on their tracking skills.  If the machine arrives soon I will post my experiences here.  So far I have to say for those of us wrapped up in instant gratification, thanks to what Sociaists(Sociologists) would call McDonaldization, I am not impressed with the supply chain and how it reports its progress in the delivery of my product.

Update 2/3 at 1043PM CST

2/3 10:31pm the package left and on 2/3 at 11:44am the package arrived in Alaska.  This definitly has me thinking FedEx has some issues when they can’t even handle time zones correctly.  I mean even simple websites I’ve done are robust enough to handle multiple timezones.  How is it a multi billion dollar corporation doesn’t have the IT staff to handle such a simple problem.  I think FedEx is another of those companies that preffers quantity to quality.  If I had stock I’d sell it becuase you can’t be at the top of the world market shipping game if you don’t understand how timezones work and you have two worthy competitors who do.  Course some would speak in kind with my ideas of spelling and grammer.

2/5 9:34pm CST I checked today to find my machine should be here tomorrow morning.  I can’t wait I also spoke to a chineese friend who informed me the potential reason for my machine sitting at fedex so long being that it ws chineese new year and that many chineese would have been celebrating.  Go figure, I would have expected that to have been mentioned some where.  I’m all for people taking time off and having their own personal time it would have just been nice to be fully informed of what was going on.  I guess tomorrow morning I should be writting about my wonderful experiences on my new 20" iMac.

2/6 12:25pm CST
Welp it finally arrived this morning in a nice little box all prepackaged with the neat extras I ordered all in one box as if that was the only way it came.  I was very impressed with packaging and the out of the box presentation.  Time to get on the internet was about 15 minutes.  Most of this was spend fumbling over the box in a box in my small office and in getting the bluetooth keyboard/mouse batteries installed powered on and paired with the mac.  The hardest part about bluetooth pairing was dirt simple with the initial setup which detected no mouse and keyboard present and imediatly went to searching bluetooth and then explained to my ignorant self how exactly to prep the mouse with very detailed illustrated instructions on what to do.

Of course I had to go to work so more to follow.

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