October 8, 2005

Why so many bad drivers?

I remeber the first day I got my drivers license it was an experience like non-other. Driving was much better than the day it became legal for me to drink. I remember the first drive I took to my summer job on the farmers market at 4am in the morning and the daily drive home at 5pm. I never really had a problem with non-frindly drivers on the road. The fastlane always seemed to have people passing and the slow lane had people who didn’t want to get a ticket. Ten years later and my has the landscape changed.

For the past couple of years my odd jobs have never required I leave the house before 10am. For the past 3 weeks I have been at a contract job that requires I keep normal hours from ~9am-5 or 6pm. Durring these past few weeks I have become keenly aware of how many lunatic drivers there are in the DFW area. Not a single day has gone by without viewing at the least one wreck on the side of the road. Why is this? A few observations I have made the past two days are people just don’t give a flying rats behind about anyone around them. They drive with little reguard for their own safety or the safetly of those around them. My favorite is the high price cars that simply don’t seem to come with blinkers. The drivers at these times of the day drive as if they are the most important vehicle on the road and will actually turn into your lane without so much as a signal as if to dare you to hit them. It is insane, and the worst part is the police don’t even bat an eye at this behavior which is far more dangerous and contributes to the morning conjestion than they are teenage drivers going 5-10 mph over the speed limit on the highways when they are empty. I have watched time and time again as brazen fools cut off other cars causing everyone in that lane to apply their brakes. The backup caused in those lanes eventually lead to the conjestion. All so one car could get 2 car lengths ahead of the pack. The odd thing is about half the time someone else further up the line has done the same thing forcing the other driver to end up 5 car lengths behind were they started.

I have decided as my little fight back against these pinheads. I will use my little camera phone to take pictures of the cars and drivers who can’t seem to show any common decency towards their fellow drivers. I know some people will think it is dangerous to take a picture and drive but it has been my experience these are the same people who lack the co-ordination to walk and talk at the same time so I’m not to worried about it. If it ends up being dangerous I will stop but I won’t stop talking about them.

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