October 8, 2005

New Content Manager (Mambo)

Well today I got bored and decided to start looking around the web for a bit more sophisticated content management system.  The one I had been working with before phpx had certain limitations that made it less than optimal for what I was doing.  The content management was ok but I was ready to explore something with WOW factor.

In comes Mambo.  I can’t even tell you how I came across the site.  I was simply dinking around on some sites I frequent when suddenly I hit on a site like non I have ever seen before.  The backend management left me open to numerous possibilities.  I began by trying to get my head around the layout of their site.  Navigating their site is only a bit less painful than the idea of circumnavigating the globe in a bathtub on the open seas with nothing but a spatula to guide you.

The product they have produced however makes building professional looking cookie cutter websites a breeze.  Ina  matter of about 4 hours I was able to get a site up and running, find a template I liked, customized the page layout, and publish my first article.  The end result is something I wouldn’t mind being associated with and won’t make me cringe to think people I know might actually see it.


Their site is located at http://www.mamboserver.com/.  There you will see the familiar asterisk logo used by http://www.asterisk.org/.  Why this is I am not quite sure but I’m possitive it will come up in the future.

Another thing that really impressed me is the development by the user community.  Already there are shopping carts, forms, galleries, banner ads, auctions, the list continues.  This will prove to be a real time saver and help make the web a prettier place to browse in the near future.

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