October 8, 2005

My own at home PBX

So far I’m loving asterisk. I got my new GXP-2000 a couple of weeks ago and I have been using it non stop. It appears broadvoice finally was able to change my number to a local area code and now I’m very happy with the setup.

The box now operates continuously and so far has not had any major problems. I’ve setup everything on the box from receiving faxes to conference rooms and time and temp. I now have a way to identify incoming calls like from our apt gate and automatically forward them on to a dialplan that sends the appropriate digit to open the gate. I also have the option of notifying myself that someone is at the gate as well. I would love for our apts to get our gate camera backup and I will configure it to capture a frame off the gatecam and forward it to display on the tivo. Something I have had working in the past using a webcam so I know it can be done.

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