October 8, 2005

Morning commute.

Like clock work this morning on the way into work I was comming onto the 121/114 merge when out of no where a gold mercedes decides he wishes to be in the far left lane.

For anyone else this might have possed a bit of a problem crossing 4 lanes of traffic. Not for this woldy individual he simply cut right in front of me, a pickup truck, and finally a transport van. Once he got to the lane he wante dall was well he simply continued on his way gabbering on his cell phone as if nothing happened. I got a picture of him a bit further up the road after he moved back towards me. I will put it in here once I figure out how to download images off my cammera pone in linux.


I also snapped a picture of a blue pickup truck driver who decided on I-90 to perform the same manuver to get into my lane. I was forced to hit my breaks to keep from being side swipped. After realizing what he had done he turned on his blinker in mid lane change. His head may have been up his bum but at least he wasn’t oblivious to the fact he messed up.


Maybe I will invest some time in a nice merf gun to help out my fellow drivers who seem to understand the rules of the road. Check back under the general category for more info on that later!

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