October 8, 2005

Mod_video project

I started working with this because I wanted to see when I left a light on in the garage. I already had a web cam setup in my rack that I had used a while back. I went to find a piece of software I had used a while back with apache to view a webcam. I then found out that the project had not been updated since 2001 and was not apache 2.0 compatible.

So I found the source and took to hacking it. In a couple of hours I had it working with apache 2.0 and my webcam. I then decided to add a few more features. I added in a no video source option to be displayed in the event the cam was offline. It is all working and will be listed in a projects section as soon as I get done with my site design. If you would like to experiment with the source leave some feedback and I will get back with you.

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