October 8, 2005

Mod Video CVS Updated.

Finally got everything working last night but went to bed afterwards. Bjorn was kind enough to add me to the project yesterday so I was able to get the apache 2.0 compatable code up last night.

I have been reading the code from gnomemeeting to try and figure out the best way to go about configuring two options. #1 the pallets should be probed. It seems easy enough to do. Also I would like to get the application threaded in such a way that multiple access will not cause problems with the video device. Maybe when the thread is active set a variable and if that variable is set get image from this method if not start a thread and attach to the video device. Seems much more simple as an idea that it does to code. I will play around with threads later this week, the challange will be making them work with various kill signals properly to avoid lockups with the video device.

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