October 8, 2005

Looks like the terrorists are comming out of hidding.

It’s been busy this week but not so busy as to miss out on what the press considers less than news worthy. What happened, we had islamic terrorists attack in London and our American press is content to leave it at that. Where is the outrage against those who call them selves followers of islam who can kill and mame in the name of their god. All The news wants to talk about is guantanamo and the attrocities there! Whatever, I’ve seen worse among friends! I for one am quick to denounce those who do horrific things in the name of my god. Morons blowing up abortion clinics and killing doctors who perform abortions. Why are muslisms so timid to cry out when such things are done in the name of theirs. Is this something that truely is embeded in the religion of islam or are the practicers such passifists as to allow these people to hijack their religion to perform the hanous acts.

No matter what the reasoning is the facts as they emerge is something that has me fearing for the lives of muslims. There is only so long we can go on with this war on terror when while it may be true that a small percentage of muslims are causing these attrocities 100% of the terrorists acts have been taken out by people who practice islam. This is my plea for muslims all over the world to take back your religion don’t allow the perverse to carry out these acts in the name of your god.

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