October 8, 2005

Individual property rights are being taken at last!

It has been a while comming but the advocates of big government and socialism are finally one step closer to the elitest control they have been seeking. The supreme court rulled in favor of Eminent domain being used to take away land from individuals for use by other private indivuduals.

No longer is Eminent domain soley for things that truely serve the public like roads, firestations, public parks now it can be used to justify things like sports stadiums, malls, theaters, office buildings, and hotels. What happened to this country, I think we allowed to many constructionist judges to be apointed because we listened to democratic leaders who constantly told us republicans were money hungry politicians and the democrates stood for the common man. Judging by the actions and standings of the so called left. This is the farthest thing from the truth. In fact I would argue that the reason pepole like George Soros, Micheal Moore, and the like are pushing the big government agenda is that it cuts the common man off from the process. Doing this we no longer have a voice when it comes to things like the abuse of power by corrupt officials in office. We attack the people doing the right thing and show a passavist attitude to those who are tearing this country in two. There are two Americas, the America were people understand what is right and wrong and the America who understands only what their favorite soap box tells them is right and wrong.

Fortunalty for Eminent domain it looks like much of the US woke up on this one and they are taking measures to shore up the exctents to which Eminent domain can be taken. I can only hope that one day there will be a roar heard around the world. This bang would involve millions of americans all simultanously realizing where their heads have been and pulling them out and taking action.

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