October 8, 2005

GXP-2000 VOIP SIP Phone

I have been running this phone for almost a month now and i have had a few issues. It seems to loose regstration at unpredictable times. usually a few days but it can be anooying while waiting on a call to have it do this to you. The softkeys are programmable but you cant script them which makes for more work on asterisk. Overall, I think I got what I paid for an inexpensive phone that works well enough for my home office setup that works with a service saving me a ton on long distance bills.

I was however so impressed with the hardware engineering I knew the software was the problem so I applied for a possition with the company that manufactures the device GrandStream thinking surely this was the type of company I could grow with and help to really be the best in the industry. After not hearing from them for several days I called them back only to find out I was somehow not qualified for the possition. Interesting, and I think it explains why the software is subpar they have no idea what to look for in software develpers. Maybe thats just my ego talking. 🙂

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