October 8, 2005

GXP-2000 Updates

Well it has been some time comming and according to their website it still isn’t here, but today I found the updates to the GXP-2000 I’ve been waiting for.

Things fixed that were really bugging me are AEC support has been added. For those uninitiated this means no more massive echos durring speakerphone operation. there is now support for turning on DND (Do Not Disturb) from the phone and checking the status. There is now a send keep alive option to hopefully thwart issues I have had in the past with the phone loosing registration and people going straight to voicemail even though I’m sitting right in front of the phone. There are a few other misc. fixes and additions but these were the majors that really make this phone a nice general purpose buisness phone. This is of course assumming the registration issue does nto rear its ugly head again. So far This setup has proven to be seriously cost effective and has already saved me more than 1000 dollars in long distance alone. It is hard to imagine one day that phone line sin the future will be looked upon in that same way we view the western union telegraph today. Once they get this whole video phone thing perfected we will really be in buisness. For those interested youc an get the new firmware here.

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