October 19, 2005

Attacks on the Church

Today I read yet another article referring to the separation of church and state clause.  The case was one of creationism and the idea the world and everything in it was created by an unknown intelligence.  Someone argued that teaching creationism violated the separation of church and state law.  After reading this I got infuriated […]

October 8, 2005

Asterisk PA System

While lurking on #asterisk on freenode someone asked how to get console audio working with asterisk.  This is something I had experimented with in the past with luck and for the life of me the suggestions I gave to get it working I was not able to get working on my own setup.  Here I […]

Mambo, Mambo, Hey!!

Welp move complete took about 2 hours to hand copy all the previous articles I’ve done with some errors in the time formats and such.  I will make a new project to clean this stuff up in the next week.  In the mean time it is time to go live.

Migrating away from pLog.

Well this format has proven frustrating to the point I can’t keep it up to date. Everytime I get into the java based editor it loads up and drags my computer to a halt. This of course increases the number of typos as I type way faster than the response of the applet. In any […]

GXP-2000 VOIP SIP Phone

I have been running this phone for almost a month now and i have had a few issues. It seems to loose regstration at unpredictable times. usually a few days but it can be anooying while waiting on a call to have it do this to you. The softkeys are programmable but you cant script […]

RadioMan Project

Welp I finally sat down installed another editor and ran through the two lines of code required to port from gnu.io to javax.comm package. If I had known it would be that easy…  Oh well hindsight is 20/20 the real story is that it now works and is running on both windows and linux without […]

CVS over SSH

I’m waiting on a new server from Dell to replace this aging box. This was originally just an extra test machine I had laying around. I decided to use it 7 years ago for e-mail and web services and it has been chugging along happily ever since. Time to retire it and move on to […]

My own at home PBX

So far I’m loving asterisk. I got my new GXP-2000 a couple of weeks ago and I have been using it non stop. It appears broadvoice finally was able to change my number to a local area code and now I’m very happy with the setup. The box now operates continuously and so far has […]


Well it has been a week and finally arrived this evening. I’ve been playing with this little voip device now for the majority of the night. I must say from an engineering standpoint I’m fairly impressed. From a users standpoitn I’m underwhelmed. The potential is there but some key interface issues leave a lot to […]

Looks like the terrorists are comming out of hidding.

It’s been busy this week but not so busy as to miss out on what the press considers less than news worthy. What happened, we had islamic terrorists attack in London and our American press is content to leave it at that. Where is the outrage against those who call them selves followers of islam […]