December 14, 2004

Radio Man Software

Here is the RadioMan interface. Should work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux although I have only used it in Linux and Windows. (No serial port on the old iMac)

Things you will need are the comm libraries from
using the javax.comm namespace.

I will assume you can figure out how to get this installed from the intructions
from the README.htm included in the distribution.

At 80k compressed with sourcefile javadoc documentation and the classfiles I went ahead and placed it all in one package. If you downlaod the only real thing you need to look at is RadioMan.jar the rest is for people to mess with on their own.

Radioman Download




First you will need the 1.5 jre or higher from This application
uses the String.format method which is not available on previous versions of
the jre. Next you will need the javax.comm namespace lilbrary from

Once this is all setup obtain the jar file.

You will need a settings file. The application defaults to /dev/ttyS0 but your
port may be different. For this you will need a config file. The default config
file is located in /etc/radioPrefs its should look like the following.

I need a solution to determine the users platform and adjust the file location based off that. This is an excersize I might not get to but it would be nice. In the meantime you can always edit the source files and recompile for Windows.


The following is a script I use to start the radio and keep the statio presets
were I can write to them as a user.


/usr/local/jdk/jre/bin/java -cp /usr/local/radioman/classes/RadioMan.jar
radioman/radioMan /home/$USER/.radioPrefs

The device itself can be found at PI Manufacturing.

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