December 17, 2007

Screen Sharing – Enable New Features

I noticed a post on digg talking about new features for Screen Sharing via the terminal so I decided to dig into the app itself and see what all was available. Using the trusty strings command from the command line I hit the binary inside System/Library/CoreServices/Screen Sharing. After parsing it I found a few […]

December 14, 2007

iPhone VNC

Today I had a bit of time to mess around with the for the iPhone. I had used it previously and was pretty disapointed with the way it just crashed after opening it. It has aged well, with the newest version supporting scaling and all sorts of interactive goodness. The ui is much more […]

December 10, 2007

One of those little tidbits it’s good to know

Today I finally got around to trying to get the virtual machine back up and online in preparation for doing some work in the newly released VS 2k8. I had avoided messing with it because after a kernel update in Ubuntu (the host os) I had not been able to get networking up and was […]